Sharp Bargainers

Several years ago, I started composing an essay titled “They Were Sharp Bargainers: John Eaton, Jr.’s 63rd United States Colored Troops.” I have not completed the article about the Civil War Superintendent of Freedmen and his black guard regiment because I have not felt satisfied that I had enough evidence … Continue Reading Sharp Bargainers

Deconstructing Rhetorics of Slavery I

I…think writers in general and maybe historians in particular must ask themselves what the implications are of the narratives they/we write. Do they, in their rhetorics, affirm already under-examined perspectives on peoples? Are those rhetorics proof of what historian Ira Berlin wrote…? In other words, do the rhetorics, the languages, of history transfix?

Revisiting Carolina Slave Names

I tend to think that a month name might not have indicated the actual month of birth. Rather, the month could stand for something like “first,” winter, cold, Janus, etc. I think there are all sorts of possibilities and what was most important was what the word symbolized.